New track construction U4 Hamburg Hafencity

Client Hochbahn AG: New construction of the underground railway line U4 in Hamburg.

Together with the companies BBL Bahnbau GmbH from Lüneburg and SHG GmbH & Co. KG from Uelzen, the joint venture is carrying out the track construction work on the U4 Hamburg underground line for Hochbahn AG under the technical management of the company Willke.

This major project will start in May 2010 and is expected to be completed in several construction phases by the end of 2012.

All construction materials for the approx. 2,800 m long tubes and the approx. 900 m long rectangular tunnel will then have to be drained through openings of only 100 square metres using suitable lifting equipment. The following work will also be carried out:

  • 7,400 m track installation in front of the head
  • 20,000 t of ballast placed before head
  • 13,700 m installation cable ducts various designs
  • 14,200 m² installation of sub-ballast mats

In order to complete this work under the difficult conditions, work will be carried out around the clock in 3-shift operation during the entire construction period.