Willke Track Service acquires patent on welding carriage ColdHeat 200

Willke Track Service has designed the welding carriage ColdHeat 200 together with the companies Ortec and Kjellberg. With this development we have revolutionised the maintenance of covered rail systems, because thanks to the ColdHeat technology, welding work can be carried out faster, cheaper and safer in the future.

Track maintenance with the ColdHeat 200

Instead of having to replace worn tracks at great expense, railway systems can be maintained automatically using the new welding process. Stressful shutdown periods or extensive planning are therefore no longer necessary. This is made possible by welding using inductive heat up to 200°C. Damage to elastic materials in the already covered rails is thus prevented. Furthermore, welding parameters are recorded with the help of an integrated computer. Consequently, the traceability of the entire welding process is guaranteed.

In order to inform the track construction industry about the functions of the welding carriage, we will present the carriage at the InnoTrans in Berlin from 20.09.2016 to 23.09.2016. Our technical director Ulf Langschwager will be available to answer questions from visitors to the fair.

Contact details:

If you are interested in more detailed information about the ColdHeat technology, please contact Mr. Langschwager by phone or e-mail:

Email address: coldheat@willke.com
Telephone number: +49 40 . 7 80 86 38-30