Willke Rail Construction

Willke Rail Construction

The Willke rail construction GmbH & Co. KG is the heart of our corporate group. Since year one, it has been responsible for complex railway construction and maintenance projects in Germany, Denmark and Norway.

Together with the branches in Braunschweig and Dresden that opened in 2016 as well as Pritzwalk in 2017, we now have over four locations in Germany along with our headquarters in Wittorf. In addition to that, our Scandinavian projects are being realised by our branch Willke Danmark ApS rail construction in Fredericia (Denmark). In total we are equipped with all qualifications and certifications to carry out individual railway construction projects with sales volumes ranging from 10,000 euros up to 20 million euros.


From planning until the timely completion of the most complex railway construction projects – we realise your projects with pinpoint precision. At the same time, we also guarantee that the tracks can be reopened for traffic on time.

Our engineers and track workers are specialists for all kinds of railway tracks. We build, renew and maintain S-Bahn and U-Bahn tracks as well as ICE lines, industrial tracks, crane tracks, main-line railway and private railroads. And if you wish, we’ll also build the matching platform for it.

You can also rely on smart railway construction made by Willke when it comes to cable construction: Whether it’s about open construction, the drilling-press process or cable installation in existing channel systems without breaking of the surface. Furthermore, we also build and install lampposts and set up complete telecommunication and surveillance systems. For every project we implement the technically and economically optimal solution – also on weekends of course, so that the trains can start running again quickly!


We realise your railway construction projects with our own extensive equipment fleet. We can move a lot for you, not only with our two-way excavators – our wheel loaders, bulldozers, as well as crawler and mobile and excavators also help us with this. We also have a wide range of special equipment – such as a ballast cleaning system or sleeper changers – which make our work on the track easier.