About us

About us

Company history

The company history of the Willke Group began in 1979 in a farmhouse in Wittorf near Lüneburg. Since then we have grown significantly, and our structures have changed. But one thing remains unchanged: What really counts are our satisfied customers. They know what the name Willke stood and still stands for in railway construction: for quality work delivered with pinpoint precision.

We started out with ten employees in 1978 – people full of ideas and with the ambition to offer compact services in railway construction. This philosophy has been well received, which is why there are now over 250 people working for us, some of which were part of the initial team.

Today the Willke corporate group consists of 8 associated companies which are organised into 7 specialised divisions of railway construction. Because of this structure, we are able to provide all services surrounding the topic of railway construction from one source and implement them professionally throughout Europe.

The Willke Way

The mission statement

Know-how in every aspect of rail construction

As the industry changes, so do we. Willke rail construction has completed a generational change several years ago. With the new generation, the family business continues to develop and has already gained several new company divisions. Thus, the company has grown more and more into a full-range supplier for all aspects of rail construction. Willke Holding has been able to expand its core competencies with track welding technology, overhead line construction and railway logistics with its own railway yard.

Well, something new is not simply good because it is new. That is why going forward we will continue to preserve the decades of experience and tradition of our family business. Today, as then, we always stay on the right track

Precise railway construction.

Even though it is so intricate, a clockwork embodies the principles of our work very accurately: tracks that weigh several tons are fitted with millimeter precision. During this process, countless different operations must interlock perfectly. If just one wheel is incorrectly adjusted, the whole system breaks down.

On our construction sites, outstanding engineers and experienced track layers are working precisely, conscientiously and professionally on technically and logistically highly complex tasks. Anyone who has ever been to a rail construction site knows how fitting the image of a clockwork is. Anyone who has ever seen the enormous machine park knows how complex the planning is. And anyone who has experienced how hard and challenging this type of work is knows what we accomplish. That is rail construction.


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Certificates of quality

Mittelpunkt e. V.

Social commitment

Since 2009, we have been supporting and assisting socially disadvantaged children and young people from the region in collaboration with the association Mittelpunkt e.V. Our involvement aims at giving young people, who otherwise tend to stand on the sidelines, the chance to be the center of attention for once. In cooperation with the association we support several projects and make sure that the money actually arrives where it’s needed.

More information under mittelpunkt-ev.de.