Always the right equipment

Railway construction is a hard business. On construction sites, weights that weigh several tons have to be moved and installed with pinpoint accuracy. Without a modern, large machine park, none of this would be possible. With our in-house equipment we can master nearly any demanding project.

At our headquarters in Wittorf, we have our own construction yard including a warehouse with a large workshop. There, our skilled staff of locksmiths and master mechanics regularly put all our equipment and vehicles through their paces, so that our machine park is ready for use, up to date and in an optimal, perfect condition at all times.

We can provide all necessary equipment. If special large equipment is required as well, we organise it quickly and reliably and ensure that it ends up in the right place at the right time. Our clients can also leave the entire logistics and construction site equipment to us.

For our work we use the following equipment and machines