Willke Track Service

Willke Track Service

The Willke Track Service GmbH & Co. KG has been part of the Willke family since 2013. Since then, our welds have been carried out in Germany and – thanks to various qualifications – also in Denmark and Norway.


Our Track Service offers one of the most sensitive works in railway construction with the superstructure welding technology. Because every weld seam must be set precisely and flawlessly – the quality, durability and safety of the entire section of track depend on it!

The following services are included in our range of services:

  • Specialist site management for the construction of uninterrupted tracks
  • Thermite joint welding (SkV, SmWF, SRZ, SKS and LSV)
  • Electric arc connection welding
  • Electric arc overlay welding
  • Welding technology reconditioning of switches and tracks
  • Execution of grinding and deburring work including corrugation grinding
  • Production and repair of MT insulated rail joints