Performance specification

Track and switch renewal of the logport railway station Osnabrück

  • Track renewal of passing track 83 (total conversion length: 756 m) with complete track bed renewal
  • Track renewal of the protective track (total conversion length: 36 m) and dismantling without replacement of protective track 121 (total conversion length: 151 m)
  • Renewal of the turnout 391 (exchange existing ABW 49-190 1:7,5 r H for ABW 54-190 1:7,5 r B WITEC)
Track renewal railways station Osnabrück Po
  • Track renewal track 5 (total conversion length: 376 m)
  • Track renewal track 6 (total conversion length: 113 m)
  • Track renewal track 66 (total conversion length: 437 m)
  • Track renewal track 8 (total conversion length: 479 m)
Special features
  • All track construction work was carried out using the conventional track renewal method