Performance specification

  • Track renewal with cleaning of track beds between 59.800 km and 61.369 km for Track 1 (total conversion length: 1,519 m)
  • Switch 201 in track 1 was removed without replacement and the gap was closed. In the W 201 switch area the track bed was renewed completely
  • Track renewal with track bed renewal between 60.271 km and 61.369 km, for track 2 incl. improvement of the formation level (total conversion length: 1,097 m)
  • Track bed renewal in the area of the outer platforms A and B, 60,299 km (only track 2)
  • Earthworks at the sludge site of track 2, between 60,520 km and 61,120 km
  • Tamping and straightening work on three switches