Einbeck becomes part of the rail network again after 34 years

Einbeck becomes part of the rail network again after 34 years

In March 2015, the then Transport Minister of Lower Saxony, Mr. Olaf Lies (SPD), announced the reactivation of disused railway lines. He justified this with the fact that the trend is leaning towards going back to rail traffic and away from the road. One of the reactivated lines is the line between Einbeck-Mitte and Einbeck-Salzderhelden. As ARGE Ilmebahn, consisting of: the construction companies Willke rail construction GmbH & Co. KG (technical management), Matthäi Trimodalbau GmbH & Co. KG and Stefen GmbH & Co. KG, the work was successfully completed. ARGE Ilmebahn carried out the following work on behalf of Ilmebahn GmbH in Einbeck with a contract volume of 3.35 million €:

  • Reactivation/new construction of approx. 4,250m track with ballast cleaning, sleeper and rail renewal
  • Exchange of 6 turnouts
  • Renewal of 5 level crossings with track support slabs and bituminous construction as well as the necessary signalling technology
  • Complete new platform construction incl. lighting and equipment at the station in Einbeck
  • Track construction over the new bridge structures over the Ilme, Leine and Leine flood bridge
  • Complete underground cable construction for the connection to the ESTW in Salzderhelden

Despite all efforts, an extension of the construction period by 12 months was inevitable. In 2017 there were two summer floods which brought the work to a standstill. Problems were also caused by the Ilme bridge, which could not be rebuilt despite all attempts being made. The new construction of the steel bridge superstructure took 4 of these months alone. On 09.12.2018 the line will resume regular operation. For the first time since 1984, the town of Einbeck can now be reached by train and passengers can travel directly to Göttingen.

New construction of the train formation yards in Hamburg-Stellingen and Hamburg-Eidelstedt

Groundbreaking – the success story of the Willke group of companies continues…

The Willke rail construction GmbH & Co. KG has been awarded the contract by AKN Eisenbahn AG for the new construction of the train formation facilities in Hamburg-Stellingen and Hamburg-Eidelstedt. With an order volume of more than 9.5 million €, this is the largest individual order placed by Willke rail construction GmbH & Co. KG. The successful implementation of our special civil engineering department of the North East site in Pritzwalk made the acquisition of this order possible.

The reason for the construction measure is the necessity for the S-Bahn Hamburg GmbH to create new train formation and stabling capacities to fulfil the transport contract with the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Therefore, two new train formation facilities will be built along the DB route 1225 Hamburg-Altona – Pinneberg. Starting at Hamburg-Altona station (S-Bahn), this line runs in a northerly direction from the stops Diebsteich, Langenfelde, Stellingen, Eidelstedt and Elbgaustraße and continues parallel to the DB line 1220 Hamburg-Altona – Kiel to the district town of Pinneberg, which borders on Hamburg. On this route run 2 important suburban railway lines of Hamburg, the S3 and S21. In Hamburg-Eidelstedt the public infrastructure of AKN Eisenbahn AG branches off to Neumünster Süd. Most of the work is carried out during ongoing railway operations and requires precise logistics.

Until the end of October 2018, the following work will still be carried out:
  • New construction of 13 switches
  • New construction of 5 sidings with a total length of 1,500 m
  • Construction of an access track with a length of 750 m
  • Construction of a signal bridge with a span of 30 m
  • Construction of around 1,400 m noise barrier in 3 sections
  • Demolition and new construction of a sidewalk console on an existing railway overpass
  • Renewal of the corrosion protection on an existing railway overpass
  • Production of 6.000m cable routing system
  • Construction of 13 track crossings with a total length of approx. 180m
  • Equipment of the constructed track system with Gfk service paths
  • Demolition and new construction of two wing walls

We are looking forward to the exciting challenges ahead.

New member of the group: Willke Consulting GmbH

New foundation of Willke Consulting GmbH in January 2018.

We have decided to outsource the contract and supplemental management as well as the scheduling with effect from January 1, 2018 into a newly founded company, Willke Consulting GmbH. This enables us to offer services not only to the companies of our own group of companies but also to third parties on the market. With our experienced staff we are able to support construction sites starting from the calculation and scheduling until the execution, and preparation of supplements and invoicing. In addition to railway construction, our field of activity also includes building construction, road construction, civil engineering and structural engineering.

Our range of services is supplemented by training measures on the new Construction Contract Law 2018 and contract and supplement management in the construction industry.

If you are interested in further information about Willke Consulting GmbH, please contact Mr. Björn Müller by phone or e-mail:

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