Perfect teamwork of the Willke Group during construction of the Rethebrücke

Contract from the Hamburg Port Authority: new construction of the Rethebrücke.

In the project for the new construction of the Rethebrücke bridge, our corporate group was able to prove that it is capable of handling even complex and unusual tasks thanks to the acquisitions made in recent years. Currently Willke rail construction GmbH & Co. KG is building the railway connection for the new Rethebrücke in the port of Hamburg on behalf of the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA). With a contract value of approx. 5.9 million euros, this project not only includes track and cable civil engineering services but also extensive LST and TC services.

The HPA also asked us to carry out a load test of the bridge centre using a locomotive and two Res wagons. As part of the group of companies, Willke Logistics GmbH was able to provide the necessary equipment. At the beginning of the year, the HPA had already purchased ten Res and five Fas wagons. The only problem posed the missing connection of the new track to the existing tracks. This situation prompted us to lift the locomotive and the Res wagons with a 200-ton mobile crane from the existing track into the construction track. However, this required precise planning and coordination between the individual companies, especially for the Res wagons, as the bogies had to be specially secured.

Precise work.

In the morning of the 25.05.2016, the locomotive and the two Res wagons could be lifted into the construction track faster than expected. In between, the entire manpower of the employees was needed to move the Res wagons and to carry out the high-precision work. Finally, the two Res wagons were loaded with crane weights in order to achieve the load required by the HPA. After four hours, the port railway was able to resume operations as planned.

In the end, everything worked fine except for a few small scratches on our locomotive. Work with pinpoint decision on the dot. The HPA’s project management team praised the way in which we handled this unconventional task. And finally, the history of the new Rethebrücke bridge will be forever linked to the fact that the first locomotive to cross the bridge had a red dot on it.

Opening of the location East in Dresden

New branch of Willke rail construction GmbH & Co. KG: Location East in Dresden.

We are very pleased that, since the 01.06.2016, we were able to open another branch office with the “Location East” and are also looking forward to realising further exciting railway construction projects together. Therefore, Willke rail construction now serves the German market with four locations in Germany. A special task for the future will be to coordinate the locations in Wittorf, Braunschweig, Manching and Dresden and to expand them into a large network.

The location East in Dresden can naturally also rely on the support of the corporate group. The three other specialist areas of the group of companies provide support in: logistics, welding technology and overhead line construction. Thus, the Willke group of companies continues to grow. The growth is always based on the company philosophy of operating successfully on the market as a compact full-service provider with small and flexible organisational units. Thomas Spindler will take over the technical management on site.

Contact details:

Willke rail construction GmbH & Co. KG
Standort Ost
Schnorrstraße 70
01069 Dresden
Fon: +49 351. 64 75 77 – 0
Fax: +49 351. 64 75 77 – 14

Opening of the location “Mitte” in Braunschweig

New branch of Willke rail construction GmbH & Co. KG: Location “Mitte” in Braunschweig.

The Willke corporate group confirms its growth course with the opening of the new branch “Standort Mitte” in 2016. As of March 2016, there will also be a branch of Willke rail construction GmbH & Co. KG. Together with the new colleagues, exciting railway construction projects will be implemented at the central location in the future. “We are convinced that the opening of the new Mitte location in Braunschweig is the next necessary step in the healthy growth of the group of companies,” says Niklas Willke, Managing Director of the Willke Group. This is why, with immediate effect, precise track-related services will be offered at over three locations in Germany. Additionally, the Scandinavian market is served by Willke Danmark ApS rail construction in Fredericia (Denmark). Furthermore, Mr. Ralf Biering as commercial manager and Mr. Axel Schulz from April 1st , 2016 as technical manager will be in charge of the central location in Braunschweig.

Contact details:

Willke rail construction GmbH & Co. KG
Standort Mitte
Ernst-Böhme-Straße 27
38112 Braunschweig
Fon: +49 531. 35 40 86 – 0
Fax: +49 531. 35 40 86 – 10

Framework contract of the Peine-Salzgitter public transport company

The framework contract for track construction and switch repair measures of the Peine-Salzgitter public transport company was signed.

On 24.10.2012, Willke rail construction GmbH & Co.  KG received the framework contract for railway construction and switch repair measures of the Peine-Salzgitter public transport company. Subsequently, the contract was concluded with a term of three years until the end of 2015. It also calls for various maintenance work to be carried out at the plants and tracks of VPS in Peine, Ilsenburg and Salzgitter.

The Verkehrsbetriebe Peine-Salzgitter GmbH (VPS) is a company of Salzgitter AG and carries out transports with the most diverse requirements for its subsidiaries.  Over the decades, VPS has firmly established itself in the market with its professional logistics services and extensive experience.  In terms of transport volume, VPS is the tenth largest of approximately 150 railway companies in Germany. The associated infrastructure comprises around 320 km of tracks and 1,000 units of switches and is distributed among the locations Salzgitter, Peine and Ilsenburg. VPS manages the public lines of VPS Infrastruktur GmbH and currently 24 connecting railways

New track construction U4 Hamburg Hafencity

Client Hochbahn AG: New construction of the underground railway line U4 in Hamburg.

Together with the companies BBL Bahnbau GmbH from Lüneburg and SHG GmbH & Co. KG from Uelzen, the joint venture is carrying out the track construction work on the U4 Hamburg underground line for Hochbahn AG under the technical management of the company Willke.

This major project will start in May 2010 and is expected to be completed in several construction phases by the end of 2012.

All construction materials for the approx. 2,800 m long tubes and the approx. 900 m long rectangular tunnel will then have to be drained through openings of only 100 square metres using suitable lifting equipment. The following work will also be carried out:

  • 7,400 m track installation in front of the head
  • 20,000 t of ballast placed before head
  • 13,700 m installation cable ducts various designs
  • 14,200 m² installation of sub-ballast mats

In order to complete this work under the difficult conditions, work will be carried out around the clock in 3-shift operation during the entire construction period.

New legal form and assignments in 2010

New legal form.

Willke GmbH is now starting with the legal form GmbH & Co. KG into the new decade. This change is part of a restructuring of the group of companies and came into force on 05.11.2009.

New jobs.

Willke rail construction has several construction projects in its order book for the first quarter of 2010.  At Osthannoversche Eisenbahnen AG, OHE for short, we are carrying out various track and switch construction works. These include the reconstruction of 1,825 m of track, 1,200 individual sleeper replacements, several turnout sleeper renewals and the reconstruction of two level crossings.

For Deutsche Bahn AG, we are rebuilding a total of ten switches at Hamburg Central Station on five weekends in March and April. This work is being carried out under the most difficult logistical conditions, as the neighbouring track can only be closed during a four-hour night-time shutdown.

In addition, the Willke company will be working in Switzerland for the first time in March. A 627 m long railway track is being renewed at Basel Bad station.

In addition, there are long-term projects in Switzerland, which will start in the second quarter of 2010 and will be completed in several stages by 2012.

After entering the Norwegian market and the associated first reconstruction of Oslo station, Willke will continue to work on projects in Norway and Denmark together with the company H.F. Wiebe from Achim.

Track renewal at Hamburg-Mühlenwerder station

Contract awarded by the Hamburg Port Authority: renewal of the tracks in the station Hamburg-Mühlenwerder.

Willke GmbH started the year 2008 with the track renewal in Hamburg-Mühlenwerder station. Six tracks, each approx. 800 m long, will be renewed for the client Hamburg Port Authority by mid-April.